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BuzzFeed Murder Mystery Stories Season 2 (2017) - BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed Murder Mystery Stories Season 1 (2017) - BuzzFeed 

Only A Year (2017) - Backwards Car Films

NO TIME FOR DREAMING (2016)  -  Backwards Car Films

TIED (2015)  -  Directed by Eva Merz

THE WHO, WHAT, AND WHY WE WON'T WORK  (2015)  -  Backwards Car Films

SENSATION  (2015)  -  Duplicity Studios

BASH  (2014)  -  Directed by Peter Guenther

WORK IS HELL  (2014)  -  Ambiguos Hero Productions

LAST DAY  (2014)  -  Talia Productions

ORI  (2014)  -  Backwards Car Films

RUN  (2014)  -  Malibu Productions

SADIE HAWKINS  (2014)  -  University of California, Riverside

AGORAPHOBIA  (2013)  -  Malibu Productions  

LIKE SHARE INCORPORATED  (2013)  -  Directed by Angela Landis                                

THE IN BETWEEN  (2013)  -  Backwards Car Films

USED BOOKS  (2013)  -  Backwards Car Films

NAMES  (2013)  -  University of California, Riverside

A CHANCE ENCOUNTER  (2012)  -  Pipe Dream Films                         

LIFE AT THE LUXEMBOURG GARDENS  (2012)  -  Directed by Anna Oh

FINAL EXAM  (2012)  -  Pipe Dream Films




Crimeless Arrest: Reporting from Mexico (2017) - World Post Op-Ed

Power Struggle: Reporting from the Gaza Strip (2017) - World Post Op-Ed

Trump’s Apprenticeship Program Should Help Train Coal Miners For Solar Jobs (2017) - World Post Op-Ed

China's New Silk Road Marks The Next Phase of Globalization (2017) - World Post Op-Ed

Somalia Is On The Brink Of Famine, And Time Is Running Out (2017) - World Post Op-Ed

After Britain’s Election, A Profile Of A Brexiteer Town At The World’s End (2017) - World Post Op-Ed

Trump Risks Making Stalin's Disastrous Mistake on Intelligence (2017) - World Post Op-Ed

Against Enormous Odds, A Chinese Official Is Trying To Green Up His City (2017) - World Post Op-Ed

Why Researchers Say Islam Is The Fastest-Growing Religious Group (2017) - World Post Op-Ed

We Already Genetically Engineer Pets and Plants. Are Humans Next? (2016) - World Post Op-Ed

Eating Giant Beetle Grubs in Ecuador (2016) - The Next Gen Scientist Web Series

The Rare Pinnochio Lizard of Ecuador! (2016) - The Next Gen Scientist Web Series

How Butterflies Create Color & Microscopy in the Field (2016) - The Next Gen Scientist Web Series

Ray Kurzweil: A.I. Will Result In More Human Jobs, Not Fewer (2015) - World Post Op-Ed

J. Craig Venter: We Now Have The Power – But Not The Wisdom – To Control Evolution (2015) - World Post Op-Ed

Rainforest Expeditions: Journey to a Rare Harpy Eagle Nest (2015) - Web Series

Rainforest Expeditions: Foldscope in the Amazon (2015) - Web Series

RRainforest Expeditions: Mystery of the Yellow Bulbs (2015) - Web Series

BioSCAN AND LOS ANGELES'S 30 NEWEST SPECIES  (2015) - The Next Gen Scientist Web Series

GOVERNOR BROWN ON PROP 30  (2013) - Interview            

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